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What we do

We are exhibition merchandise specialists, based in Battle, East Sussex and serve the whole of the UK. We aim to help busy marketing departments avoid the pitfalls of missed deadlines, poor ROI, poor branding, and hours of research and worry.


 We mostly help companies with gifts for events like exhibitions. If you have an exhibition looming and want to ensure you get quality items that enhance and embrace your brand then we have years of experience doing this.

Meeting deadlines

 Lead times are very often immovable things. The last thing you want is to have goods delivered after an event when they are no good to you. We avoid this by considering when you have an event date and we work backwards from that date for you. We always check stock before quoting as there's simply no point quoting when you can't have what you want. On every quote, for each product we show when you'd need to order for that date. We check where you want goods delivered and when you are wanting to receive goods for packing up, as sometimes this can be reconsidered later on when there is no recovery time to improve on that date adding more stress to your campaign. So you'll be safe knowing your goods will be on time, sent to the correct address and we'll guide you every step of the way to ensure that happens.

Simple, transparent, hassle free quoting

 When we quote you'll only ever see prices that are inclusive of everything except VAT. We don't believe in over complicating things. So there are no extra, hidden costs for set up or delivery with us. You just get a fair and transparent price per unit and an ex vat total. Why make it complicated?

Your design is king

 When you receive your order or see pre-order visuals you definitely don't want to discover that the print area is too small, or the number of colours of your design can't be applied. At that stage you might have gone through many meetings selecting items, considering many options and could have very little time left to reconsider. This is a situation you'll never find yourselves in with us. We always apply our expertise early, only proposing items that suit your logo size, shape and colouring. Every item proposed is checked this way very early on, so you don't waste time considering items that won't work with your design in terms of shape, colouring or print method. You shouldn't be put in a position of having to worry about that side of things, that's what we do day in & day out for our clients.

Product selection

 When we receive a brief for merchandise very often it's left to us to propose products that suit that brief. That's when we apply a systematic checklist to ensure what we propose meets your criteria. We look for items with high ROI, that are high in quality and lifespan with your target market. We apply our knowledge gained from working with many companies in your sector to ensure that whatever we propose will appeal to and delight your audience. Sometimes we advise against a certain selection when we have concerns about quality. We want you to be so delighted with the effectiveness of your selection that you keep coming back for more.

 Samples give you confidence

 We believe that nothing should be left to chance. Do please contact us 4 or more weeks before your event. This gives us time to send quality samples to you and for you to discuss them. Whilst items could look great in a picture you'll only really know if it's as good as it looks when you can see it and touch it. We are always very happy to send items to you for review and actively encourage it.

Visuals prior to order

 When you've decided on your shortlist we'll always offer you free visuals. These really help you see how well your logo works on items. We'll advise on extra text for designs if you require them, asking you for your font so that everything looks 'on brand'. This gives you the final reassurance that what you've imagined will work, will actually look great! We'll work with you, tirelessly proofing designs until they are just right and the shortlisting stage is the perfect time to do this.

Order management & tracking

 When you order we will confirm all details for that order back to you. We'll double check key points in person, assuring delivery addresses are correct. After this stage we always proof designs again. This may seem like unnecessary duplication but it's a crucial stage giving you a last chance to confirm that you are happy with the design or to make changes. It eliminates all chance of errors. On the day of despatch we will provide you with tracking details so you'll know your order is on time and on the way.

Customer service expectations

 We want your experience with dealing with us to be as helpful and enjoyable as possible. You'll always find someone willing to help and give friendly advice. We want you to spend only the necessary time ordering your merchandise and aim to help you navigate around all the time consuming activities like scouring websites for ideas, squinting at print areas and worrying about quality and cost. We strive to stand out by 'going the extra mile' for you creating the feeling that we are part of your team and guardians of your brand.

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