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Take a look at custom embroidered promotional beanie hats


Custom beanie hats UK are a very popular gift for customers and staff. The origin of the name is from the small piece of cloth at the top of the hat, which was roughly the same size as a bean seed.

Embroidered beanie hats have a great visual impact, giving many brand impressions when they are worn by your customers or co-workers. Most are worn for up to 10 months and create over 3,000 visual impressions according to research by the Global Ad Impressions Study.

Beanie hats can not only hide a 'bad hair day' but also protect hair from harsh winter conditions and keep heads warm. They are used mainly by people that work outdoors and at winter time like construction workers and garden centre staff. They are perfect to compliment your staff uniforms and promote greater brand awareness.

Company beanie hats are often bought together with other staff uniforms like Promotional Fleeces.

New styles for 2021

Beanie Hats can have lights on them like the Beanie with COB Light This hat is great for dog walkers, and for people that need to work in the evenings or at night to help them see. This product has a 230 mAh rechargeable battery, making it even more practical and useful.

Other styles available

There are many different material types for beanie hats, and also options to have a turn up for the hat, or even to have a pom-pom which adds that extra flourish like the Titleist Pom-Pom BeanieSome hats are made from 100% polyester. These can be more comfortable and smoother and be ant-piling like the Caliber beanie this has a more fleecy fabric for greater comfort. We also offer hats that are branded with sports company logos like the Titleist Golf Beanie this smart 'known brand' beanie will look great on the golf course to help showcase your brand and make all the right impressions!

Issues to be wary of when buying your promotional clothing

It's important to make sure that you consider a sample before buying. You'll also want to make sure that the background colour suits your brand. If you have a darker logo, then black would most probably be a poor colour choice for your beanie hats with a logo. Instead, opt for a lighter colour and ask for visuals to make sure the colour doesn't conflict with your brand. Make sure you get a quote first that considers your brand. Quotes for any clothing items include a stitch count, the greater the count the more the item will cost.

With embroidery, it's always safest to get visuals first and ensure you look carefully at any issues or comments on them. Sometimes you'll see a comment like 'text will fill-in'. If this hasn't been addressed then do make sure you query that point, as if an order is produced anyway then your brand's text will most likely not be readable.

Not sure which custom-branded sports beanie hat is going to work best for your budget or audience, reach out to our team on 0345 200 3243, we will be happy to help, provide a bespoke quotation and arrange your promotional beanie hat samples.



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