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Custom branded A5 desk diaries for business for 2022

Diaries are so useful because they help your customers to focus on the message, and leads to a greater conceptual appreciation compared to typing. In short, you can have a greater relationship with your subject. 

There is a wide range range of types to choose between from pocket-sized like the Columbia Weekly Pocket Diary to A4 like the Tucson A4 Daily Diary. Each type can also be divided into different formats like day or week per view. Each type can also start either to show the calendar year or be for students and teachers and start in the middle of the year and often run to the end of the following year, these are called academic diaries like the Wiro-Smart - Academic Planner & Notebook

Uses of promotional diaries

The A5 Desk Diary is a very handy and convenient size. It doesn't take up too much room on the desk, and also fits snuggly into a handbag! This makes it the perfect size for an exhibition, staff or sales representative give-away. Best of all it's referred to and looked at many times a day, which make it extra visible to the user and also those around them. 

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Let us help pick the best diary for you!

We have years of experience helping companies find the ideal diary solution for their customers. We feel it's so important to have a selection in advance, to look at and consider, so do feel free to request samples from us and enquire to find out more! Most samples are free of charge and we'll give you plenty of ideas and choice, quoting costs upfront also, to make your selection easier. You'll also receive visual proofs from us, which you can alter as often as you like before making a decision giving you total peace of mind that you've made the best decision to suit your needs.  Stock levels from September onwards can be unreliable, so it's safest to place orders earlier in the year to avoid disappointment. Don't worry, at Cheeky Fox, we will always check stock for you to make sure the colour you like is in stock! If it isn't we'll search far and wide for a good alternative for you. 

New ways to brand a diary in 2021

Making sure that your brand really suits a cover style and type is crucial to diary selection. There are many new printing techniques available in 2021. You can have full-colour printing on the cover, and even custom page edge branding this gives a new perspective to your design and greater visibility to help your brand really stand out! We can also have special finishes applied including laminated high gloss or matt varnish effects. Alongside these new features, our customers can have colourful elasticated bands and pen loops. For full details and options call us or look at our diary section for all the new options this year. Long gone are the days where only foil blocking is available!

Below is an example of custom page edge branding


Need some help with picking the right A5 Diary for your needs? Our team will be here to advise, whenever you need us.

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