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Explore our custom branded bottle opener keyrings

The custom branded bottle opener Keyring has been a best-selling item in the promotional merchandise industry for many years. Multi-purpose items like the printed bottle opener are one of the best promotional merchandise ideas because they can be used as a useful keyring and also a bottle opener. Not only this but the practical usage of them needn't stop there! There are many with even greater versatility like the Torch and bottle opener, an item that would be even more useful and could be given to clients in the hospitality sector like in bars or hotels. They can also have light-up LEDs, light-up products are very much in trend at the moment! The Bottle Opener Keyring with Led is a perfect example of this and comes in 4 attractive colour combinations. A product that is sure to make eyes light up! Also available are bottle opener keyrings that also have novelty shapes like the Bottle opener in wrench shape which could be a great match for a gift for garages or car dealerships. Any promotional product that has a 2nd or multiple-use has an even greater curb appeal, it makes the item more likely to be taken up and used. These items can be given out at events with confidence as they will become the sort of item most clients would appreciate on their keyring. 

Other items that pair well and could be considered with the branded bottle opener keyrings are Corkscrews and Coasters, full details of these items can be found in the preceding links. 


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Branding considerations for bottle opener keyrings

It's important to check branding positions when considering the branded bottle opener keyrings. Some can take a print to both sides, some only one. We can provide you with visuals in advance to make sure your branding message is completely covered. With so much choice isn't well worth looking for base colours that match your primary branding colours. One of the most popular items in this range is the Bottle Opener which has 10 different product colours. Some items can only be printed in one colour, so it's also important to check that your logo can be conveyed in the way you want it to be seen. We will always follow any 'brand guidelines' that are available to ensure branding is conveyed correctly to merchandise products. Another important consideration is the method of branding. If the item is used with keys, or repeatedly removed from the pocket then engraving should be considered for the job. This will prevent any screen print from being rubbed away. Doming over the print area can also overcome this issue, like with this model Bottle Opener Keyring, which has a sizeable print area that can be great for brands that need a lot of print height, or that are circular in shape. 

Buying bottle opener keyrings can seem like a daunting prospect with so much choice and variety. At Cheeky Fox we are more than happy to provide free of charge samples, that are either plain or show a representative logo on them to allow you to fully consider before you buy. 

For more help selecting the bottle opener keyrings or other merchandise that's best for you call our dedicated team on 0345 200 3243 now!

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