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Our collection of Eco-Friendly Promotional Pens

There are many types of Promotional eco-friendly pens available in the current UK marketplace. It's a growing and trending product category and becoming more and more popular. So what types of branded eco pens with logos are available? 

  1. Recycled PET pens like the Aqua Clear - Eco Recycled PET Plastic Pen, Made from 100% recycled plastic and sporting the recycling icon opposite the pocket clip. It also features many different plunger colours. 
  2. Bamboo pens, made from sustainable bamboo like the Eco - Contour Bamboo Ballpen. This pen also features a large print area.
  3. Pens made from Corn like the Berk recycled carton and corn plastic ballpoint pen. If you are selling to the Agricultural industry then this type of branded eco giveaway is very popular.
  4. Pens made from Cork can be particularly stylish like the Pen Clover this is made from a combination of cork and wheat straw and will give buyers a great 'feel good' vibe knowing it's so eco friendly. 
  5. Biodegradable pens are highly sought after like the Skeye Bio Ballpen by Senator. This pen also boasts biodegradable inks used in the printing process also. 


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Why sustainable branded eco pens with logos, should be on your shopping list

If your client or potential prospect has the choice between using a normal pen compared with an eco-friendly one, then these days it's more likely they will pick the eco option. Most companies have an eco-policy and are actively looking for suppliers that support these aims. So even if you were to give out a gift to a client or prospect, giving one that isn't eco could have a negative impact on their impression of you as a supplier. Most companies these days play the 'safe bet' and make sure they can't be criticised for not buying eco, so it really does make sense to consider these items now. It used to be the case that there weren't a lot of choices either, or that quality was suspect. Now you can have many different types and styles, that can complement your brand well, and not be just something to show you care!

Important considerations when buying an eco-friendly promotional branded pen

As with all pens do make sure that your shortlist contains items that will accommodate your brand. There is so much choice that often your primary Pantone colour can be matched with a grip, nib or stylus. This truly does complete a job well, and helps to really make your brand shine! Before shortlisting you should also consider stock levels, if a colour is out of stock and you have a need by date then it's better to consider another item. The print area is also crucial with pens. Print height often dictates which pens can and can't be considered, so make sure you get visuals first otherwise you might find that your brand looks small, or even worse fills in. 

If you need some help or guidance on what will work best for your budget, speak to our team on 0345 200 3243, we would love to help.

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