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Promotional LED keyring torches

Branded torch keyrings are a very popular item of promotional merchandise in the UK. If they are used by people who have a practical need for them they are highly effective. So if your clients work outside, and need to see things clearly then printed torch keyrings will be an ideal gift for them and to help promote your brand and marketing message. Sometimes it's the appropriateness of a gift that really counts, alongside how well it works. Most promotional torch keyrings have bright LED lights, that cast a surprisingly bright light for their size. Branded key torches pocket sizes, and can be used for many practical applications from finding the lock in a door to casting a light whilst walking the dog. The usefulness of this product makes it far most likely for them to be used and looked at often, giving many impressions of your brand. In the UK the most effective time of year to provide these as gifts is during the winter, so as a gift at Autumn or Winter events, it's right on the money! Then branded keyring torch has appeal to almost anyone. As a gift that works best when given at winter time it pairs well with items like

The branded keyring torch has appeal to almost anyone. As a gift that works best when given in wintertime, it pairs well with items like Branded Ice Scrapers.


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The variety of branded keyring torches in the UK in 2022

There is a huge variety of customised keyring torches in the UK marketplace in 2022. Our best-selling torches are all part of the McQueen family. The most popular by far is the McQueen Softy Torch this comes in a variety of product colours and has a soft-touch surface. What's unusual about the branding possibilities is that it can be branded in full colour or engraved in white. The LED is a powerful beam also, and it's one of those items that our clients keep coming back to us for each year. The McQueen also comes in contemporary gunmetal trim for 2022. The McQueen Gunmetal Torch Keyring It looks very stylish in its new range of darker colours. A great choice if your background colours suit. If you have a larger print area requirement then the Pulse Torch Key Ring is an ideal selection for you. This comes in many trim colours to nicely complement the colours in your brand. Also popular are keyring torches with carabiner fixing that have COB lights like the Torch Nadiak This handy torch also has a magnetic fixing, comes in many colours and for the right person could prove to be a perfect gift.

Print areas can be rather narrow on torches, so it's best to consider this before anything else. If your brand shape or brand guidelines permit a brand shape that is rectangular and around 10mm in height or less, then any torch should be available to you. If not then let us know and we'll ensure we select several that suit. Most brandable torch keyrings are available promptly within 15 working days. We recommend samples first, so if your event permits then do make sure you request them from us. 

We can help you source the right branded keyring torch for your campaigns. Just let us know when they are needed, and we'll present you with a selection that suits your logo, timescales and budget. Call us on 0345 200 3243 and we'll be delighted to help you further.

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