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Our collection of custom branded advent calendars for 2021

What is it that makes promotional advent calendars so effective? Opening a window every day to find a chocolate treat focuses your client's attention on your brand. It's a great way to keep them thinking about your company every day for a whole month. Should your clients have requirements within that time it's far more likely they'll consider your services. They are designed to help people anticipate the Christmas holidays, it's also a classic and treasured tradition that creates nostalgia and rekindles the excitement surrounding Christmas they felt when they were young. This makes an advent calendar a very effective promotional aid to give out during the festive season. 

Promotional advent calendars pair really well with Desk Calendars especially the type that can be folded conveniently into a mailing envelope and give 365 days a year brand recognition. 

One of our clients said that branded advent calendars for 2021 put a smile on peoples faces, and that alone was worth its weight in gold! Another advised that it does depend on your markets. As it's linked to the Christian calendar some clients from other cultures might not appreciate one in the same way. Sectors that use promotional advent Calendars include Construction and Car and Van rentals, but anyone selling to the UK marketplace should really consider them as a perfect gift to promote their business.

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The traditional printed advent calendar is by far the most popular style available like the Traditional A4 Advent Calendar the A4 traditional size gives great visibility also. There is also an option to have these branded gifts for Christmas in a handy desktop form like the Desktop Advent Calendar. In fact, they come in many different shapes and sizes like the truck shaped Luxury Lindt 3D Truck Advent Calendar or even in house shapes like the Luxury Lindt House Advent Calendar.

It is possible to buy advent calendars without foil backing but we don't recommend it. There is always the chance the chocolates could be spilt out of the calendar. It's safer to have them with a foil backing like the Traditional Advent Calendar with Foil Backing

Lead times (order early)

Lead times are very long with advents, it's recommended that you order very early around August/September time. Delivery will be needed for 1st December, and likely salespeople will visit with these gifts, so it really does pay to plan early. Lead times can be between 6 to 8 weeks. 

Artwork challenges

You will be able to have your own design on these calendars, but proofing may need a few amendments to ensure that background colours show well with advent dates over them. The rule of thumb again is to allow enough time for this process also. 

Contact us early to ensure you have the most time to select and decide on your advent calendars. We have over 20 years of experience helping our clients make the best decisions. Call our sales team now on 0345 200 3243

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