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Promotional snood collection - Branded Face coverings

Legislation towards face coverings is being relaxed across the country, so why should companies still order and consider buying them? We feel that it's a mark of respect to still wear them and buy them. It should not be assumed that your client won't mind if you don't at least offer to wear one. If you do have to then why not wear one that's branded with your logo to reinforce your brand identity! It's really is still a case of it's being better to come prepared than just presume your client will be fine if you don't wear one. 

Why choose a snood and not a face mask?

Snoods do seem to be more and more commonplace these days. They are multi-purpose and can be used as a neck warmer, collar, face covering, and bandana. In contrast to the surgical face mask, a Custom Branded Promotional Snood is far more stylish and attractive. It looks new even after repeated washing and is more comfortable to wear than the elasticated mask that can cause the skin behind the ear to get sore and become irritated. It also has a far larger branding potential as the print area is much bigger. We feel the best reason of all though is because it's more portable and convenient, and less easy to forget. When not worn masks are commonly found in handbags, or on car mirrors or in pockets. This makes them easier to forget which can lead to wasting time trying to find a quick replacement when you need one. With the branded snoods with logo, it's just a case of pulling it up from your neck when you need it which is far better than looking foolish without one, or having to perform a quick dash to the shops or back to the car.


There really isn't much difference between the types of promotional snoods for business available in the current UK marketplace. Most are made from 90 % polyester and 10% elastane. It is possible to print to both sides of some snoods like the Aster Snood - print to both sides.  

The best types of promotional merchandise inspire gratitude in the recipient. The snood achieves this for three reasons. Firstly it acts as a barrier against germs, colds and viruses. Secondly, it's portable and wearable, so the user is less likely to forget to bring it with them. Thirdly it's more comfortable to wear, the elastic straps will not rub the skin behind the ears, it can be worn on the neck, or head when in a ready to use position, which again gives greater comfort. 

Promotional snoods are often brought together with other types of PPE as shown here PPE Range like Antibacterial Hand sanitiser, Face Masks, Track and Trace pads, face shields and masks. 

To learn more about how our UK merchandise can help your business, and help reinforce your brand then contact our dedicated team on 0342 200 3243, we are full of great customised merchandise solutions!

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