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Explore our range of promotional mint cards.

Promotional mint cards are a very effective branded giveaway that can be used in all situations that involve meeting clients. They are also a handy size to use for mailouts to clients. They can be given out at trade shows, on sales visits, left in reception lobbies and are always a very welcome gift. At shows and events, where people are often dry-mouthed and as a further consequence might be self-conscious about how fresh their breath is, then a handy gift like a logo mints can be very welcome indeed! Logo mints pair very well with bottled water at events as talking non stop with eager sales reps at shows is thirsty work! There are many different ways to contain these branded sweets. They can be in handy dispenser cards like the Mint card which is a conventional credit card shape, to being more industry-specific promotional treats, like car shapes, suitable for garages, car dealerships or car hire firms like the Mint Container Car Shaped and also house-shaped logo mints like the House Shaped Mint dispenser




Learn more about our logo mints range for 2021

There are many new types of this promotional confectionery, that are available in 2021. One of the most popular is the House Shaped Mint dispenser, which is ideal for estate agencies and the construction industry. Also popular are Mint Container Car Shaped perfect for garages, car dealerships and car parts suppliers. You can even have logo mints with toothpicks inside like the Mint Messenger with Tooth Picks. You're not solely restricted to just having pill-shaped mints either, as you can also have chewing gum like the 12 Pack Chew Gum. There is so much choice in this product group you're sure to find something that suits your market and branding perfectly with these promotional treats that are branded in the UK. Cheap promotional mints are a perfect solution when looking for something with a large print area, and you can include as much information on both sides as you would a business card. Unlike a business card logo, mints will not be filed away and will be looked at and used often.

Factors to consider when buying promotional mints

Sugar-free options are newly available in 2021, these can often be a safer bet for companies that are keen to promote eating more healthily. In fact, with the increase in diabetic sufferers, this can be very important when purchasing this promotional confectionery. Like all merchandise, it's really important to consider the background of the product to be printed upon. The background has to suit the brand and brand guidelines but also has to be clearly seen on that background. At Cheeky Fox, we consider Pantone brand colours, your house font and also whether a background colour will interfere with your brand. Some darker background colours can mute a brand colour for example. 

For more help making your selection of promotional mint cards call our dedicated sales team on 0345 200 3243 for more information






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