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We have loads to consider - Branded Power Banks UK

About our range of personalised powerbanks in 2021

Technology and branded merchandise are a match made in heaven! There has been a huge influx in demand for tech business gifts in a noticeably short amount of time. Not only do they power multiple devices, but they are unique promotional products that will grab your attention and create a powerful impact every time. The popular branded power banks are fast becoming the most valued of corporate gifts, with an increasing range, style and battery sizes available. From the standard 2200mAh size through to the impressive and gargantuan 10000mAh, personalised power banks are certainly leading the way in innovative technology. There are plenty of tempting finishes on offer for the product casing, from soft feel and glossy to LED lights, when engraved these illuminate the product, interactive and engaging corporate gifts. Metal tower branded power banks are one of the most distinctive and sought after. They look fantastic when laser engraved, offering a higher perceived value with an impressive finish. Quite often white branded merchandise lends well to digital print, especially to a larger print area. A promotional branded power bank in full colour will WOW your clients, bold and glossy, a striking finish every time! With the extensive and forever expanding stock colours availability, your branded wireless powerbank enables the opportunity to get a close match to your desired corporate colour. Go a step further and you can Pantone match your personalised powerbanks, an impressive move to further enhance your presence with a premium, modern and innovative gadget. Even the standard mouse mat has evolved and adapted to meet our changing technology needs. Probably once deemed not possible, the humble mouse mat has been invigorated, and is now available with wireless charger options!


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Learn more about Branded Powerbanks from Cheeky Fox

How we brand our promotional branded power bank

Whether engraved or printed power banks, the branding options available play an integral role in how your promotional products are received. Laser engraving is a firm favourite when branding metal, offering a fine and elegant finish to complement your premium gift. With many metals housing a different base shade or tint, then engraving can reveal an impressive colour dimension and add unique value to your product. Screen printing has long been a traditional and highly regarded method. A promotional branded power bank also can boast a generous print area, allowing your company logo and business message to be visible from afar. Digital and full-colour options are also immensely popular, especially with intricate artwork and graduated colours, this method has few restrictions, enabling your freedom over how you want to promote your brand.

 We are huge fans of printed power banks and here is why

The branded wireless powerbank is not only a technological must-have but it is a portable advertising genius! From desktop to pocket, power banks are constantly on the move, allowing your brand to reach a potentially huge audience and daily. These amazing corporate gifts offering almost limitless styles, designs and colours, will attract the very much wanted attention of a long-awaited and lucrative prospect or an existing loyal and important client. Perfect for mailing as part of a corporate pack or to leave as a gift at a business meeting. Power banks offer complete versatility and are an invaluable asset to any business that wants to impress and promote with a powerful message by utilising an even powerful tool.




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