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Take a look at our promotional printed pens with stylus


Branded Stylus pens are used by people that want to touch screens and surfaces to interact with them, to look for more accuracy doing this and also avoid using their fingers to do so. Stylus pens have been around for a long time, recent additions include adding a colour stylus to the pen, which allows them to complement the branding colour more and gives greater aesthetic appeal. Compared to a standard pen this has more functionality and therefore is more useful. The small extra cost is well worth it for the added convenience and makes the pens far more likely to be taken up and used, they should be considered as a premium choice for any branded merchandise campaign. Printed Stylus Pens can be very useful when needing to touch any screen, a mobile phone or even when shopping at an automated checkout. 

These items are great as handouts during the exhibition season. You could place them in mugs on your display. For that reason they also work really well with branded mugs Branded Mugs. These pens pair very well with notebooks that have pen loops in them, the most common size is the A5 Notebook.

Variety of choice

There are many different types and styles of stylus pen. The Phone stand with stylus is a very useful tool, a mobile phone can rest in it, and also as it has a stylus on it can be used when not needed as a stand. This added convenience makes the this item far more inclined to be used in preference to other options. There are different location points for the stylus, my favourite location is for it to be on the nib like the Crosby Soft Stylus. This is a relatively new idea for stylus pens. This gives a lot more control over the pen, allowing for greater accuracy and comfort whilst being used. I always use this style of pen when touching my mobile or tablet. More commonplace is the stylus on the end. An example of this style of pens is the Phoenix Softy Bright. These pens have the stylus on the end, so you'll need to turn the pen to use it. An advantage these have over the nib stylus is that if you forget the retract the nib you won't risk scratching your screens. Yes, I have managed to do this and no it didn't leave a scratch either, thankfully!

Lead times

Lead times are normal for pens with no special considerations to be made. However it's always wise to check stock in the colour you like before ordering any merchandise.

Artwork challenges

The print area on pens can be limiting. Most print areas are between 5mm to 35mm in height. Always check first especially if your logo is tall. We will provide you with free mock-ups in advance and check for issues like filling in. If you have your brand in .eps format that's always the best to provide if you can.

Our clients views

Many of our clients order stylus pens again and again. They are useful even after the ink has run out, so can have even greater lifespan than a normal pen that only have one purpose.

We are more than happy to send you many samples of the different styles available so you can find out which style you prefer. Call or email now to get expert help with this trendy stylus pen


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