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Take a look at our collection of promotional USB drives

Why promotional USB sticks remain so popular

There are many technology-related branded merchandise giveaways to choose from and custom USB sticks are perfect every time. There is an array of benefits to promotional USB's, from corporate gifts to event giveaways, all of which work effectively in direct mail campaigns, being small and lightweight to fit in any mailer. As promotional merchandise evolves into more tech-related products, then printed USB sticks will continue to offer not only sophistication but practicality and most importantly, value. This ensures that the longevity as a gift can be fun, but useful like many other branded product giveaways. A promotional USB flash drive, emblazoned with your logo and details, included in a printed company folder will certainly impress your prospects and clients alike. The printed Twister style USB is one of the most recognisable and in-demand products available. Not only does the classic design offer an extensive colour range, broad memory spectrum - with the most typical being from 1GB to 16GB, but it also offers the choice of Pantone matching and a variety of different branding methods. When opting for a more executive gift, metal engraved USB sticks will certainly please anyone. Premium promotional USB sticks are adaptable, they can be a welcomed gift embedded into an executive style pack, along with other useful and relevant promotional merchandise. The custom-shaped USB drive is also a great product to giveaway internally to staff, a useful branded gift that can be used for business as well as for pleasure. When in search of something a little more unique, bespoke promotional USB drives will certainly create the WOW factor. Custom moulded PVC shapes offer a chance to recreate characters, mascots and emblems, colour matched to your corporate colours. A sure way to raise your brand awareness on a product that will be remembered and used, time and time again.


What is new in the range of promotional USB drives for 2021

Over the years the range in promotional USB drives has increased exponentially, and for 2021 this no exception. Sustainable merchandise options such as wood and bamboo have gained a considerable amount of attention as well as new shapes, designs and styles within the branded metal USB drive range. Many promotional USB sticks offer attractive dual combinations of material, such as the popular promotional Twister USB, blending plastic, wood or bamboo with a metal clip. Not only does this enable easy functionality but delivers an impressive finish to the eye. The most in-demand memory size is currently the 8GB, popular with those who require larger storage, to promote products using images, videos and photography.

 How we brand your promotional USBs

When it comes down to branding your promotional USB's then there is a style and method to suit all. For a budget printed Twister, flash drive the classic screen print method is usually the most popular, as with any promotional USB flash drive, screenprint generally allows up to a 4 spot colour print, and with the Twister that can be to both sides of the metal clip. An engraved branded USB flash drive makes an enticing executive gift. Engraving delivers excellent results on metal, wood and even bamboo. Pantone colour matching can elevate your brand, customised to your corporate colours, this will inevitably raise your profile and boost your corporate status. For something with a little more elegance, a debossed leather strap featured on some of the more branded premium USB Drives will offer the ultimate in executive gifting. So, from promotional USB drives to the highest end of luxury, this is of the most relevant branded gifts available today.

Need some help with picking the right Custom Printed USB for your needs, our team will be here to advise, whenever you need us.

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