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Luxury corporate gifts in the UK, our branded gifts for directors

The many ways investing in personalised corporate gifts will increase client relationships

Branded corporate gifts can positively strengthen relationships with key stakeholder contacts in your customer's businesses. The right executive corporate gifts will make them feel more valued, and that you've thought about them and also shows a lot about your values and ideas. It's important when selecting a business gift, that you consider the person and even the industry sector that it is for. A gift that's appropriate has far greater impact and will be appreciated far more than one that might have been hastily considered and isn't very suitable to the individual or the sector they work in. Often a greater amount of thought outvalues a greater spend yielding far greater ROI. A poorly considered gift can even have a negative impact on client relationships, so more thought before buying is definitely the way to go. A personalised note could also be given with the gift, which would greater enhance how considerate it appears to be. A well-thought-out high-quality corporate gift that is also less commonplace than for example a hamper at Christmas, or a bottle of wine can yield far greater returns and elevate relationships even more. A humorous gift can be very well received, however, these can also backfire, so the right tone is crucial for these. Giving very expensive business corporate gifts can also send the wrong message, a client might question if you're making too much profit on their business! There is a trend towards giving gifts that have a low environmental impact in 2021 also, these reflect the values of the giver in a very positive light. Be sure to consider this type of gift when considering your next purchase of high-quality corporate gifts.



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Trending new executive gifts for 2021

Wireless power banks such as the Dual device Wireless Charger are particularly popular this year. Most phones now have cordless, QI technology which means that you no longer need to have a cable charger for your phone, you can simply rest the phone on the charger and it will start charging away! Earbuds like the Swiss peak TWS earbuds that are wireless are also trending, these are discrete and again have no cables making them far more enjoyable and practical to use. Quality pens are always popular, Parker pens in particular are most sought after like the Urban fountain pen, Parker pens always feature superb design combining both style and writing excellence with many years invested in perfecting ink refills and writing performance. 

Just ask us if you need help selecting the right gift for your audience. It's always best to consult first, we'll do all the heavy lifting to make sure you don't select items that don't suit your branding or schedule. We always check stock, Pantone colours, print areas, house fonts and provide samples also for final selection. If items are not in stock or lead times are long then we'll always advise when you need to order by, or come up with alternative ideas should they not be possible within your timeframe. 


For more help making your selection of gifts for directors call our experienced sales team on 0345 200 3243 for more information.

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