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Take a look at our best value printed pens

Low-value pens are a perfect way to feature your brand, contact details, and slogan. With so many print area available they can also feature individual rep details. There is also a huge range of options to select between, from cheap pens with a stylus, ones that light up to branded pens that have a mirror engraving. They can be used for many reasons, given to stand visitors as exhibition stand giveaways as gifts from sales reps to clients when meeting and even in larger dispensers to be taken and used by visitors in company receptions.

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Pick the right type of pen for your promotion and budget

The aim of a good low-value pen is to be used by the recipient. Many factors influence that and we can help you select pens that have smooth writing performance, perfectly showcase your brand and make use of all available branding areas to best effect. Branding on budget pens can be especially challenging, as the size and shape of your logo have to be fully considered first. Print areas for branded low-cost pens, have to be tall and wide enough to ensure that brands are visible and have enough width and height to help them be shown to best effect. Options to print on promotional pens can also include clip print, second side printing, and can include a wide range of gift boxes to help elevate impressions and retention.

Different ways to brand promotional low-value pens

There are many different ways to brand cheap pens, you can brand them in full colour, single spot colour, laser engrave, pens that light up in many different colours like the Bowie LED Stylus - Light-Up Logo and also mirror engraved pens, in many different colours like the Bowie Midnight Stylus Pen. Logo pens can also feature complimentary matching coloured grips, nibs, and clips to improve the way the brand comes across. A logo pen is looked at and used often, which makes it an excellent way to showcase not just your logo but also your contact details. Batches of pens can also feature individual sales contacts details making them a step ahead of a business card which can be stored and forgotten.

New types of the pen to the UK market for 2021

Soft-touch pens are extremely popular in 2021. With new printing techniques now allowing a full-colour print to the surface that can look simply stunning! There are many new techniques in 2021 like coloured light up low-value pens, and coloured mirror engraving also. Anti-bacterial pen coatings are now possible, which help prevent the spread of bacteria and covid. Touching phones and tablets can spread bugs and covid. This year nib stylus pens are also proving very popular as they help your customers touch screens less. There is a clear trend towards biodegradable, sustainably sourced and eco-friendly pens this year with brands taking their corporate responsibilities more seriously and realising that their customers are expecting this as well. Individual personalisation, a new trend in 2021 is also reducing the chance for the same pen being used by many people which also helps reduce the spread of germs and covid.

Need some help with picking the right Low-cost pens for your needs, our team will be here to advise, whenever you need us.

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