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Custom corporate desk calendars

Branded Desk Calendars are monthly calendars that help people see the date and are situated on the desk. They are made to stand up facing your audience and clearly show your brand and message. Corporate Desk Calendars are looked at all the time, giving many impressions of your brand every day, this makes them very effective as a part of your promotional merchandise campaigns. You can't help feeling grateful to a Company that provides such a useful and thoughtful branded item as a Desk Calendar, and you can be sure that next time your client has a requirement, that they'll be more likely to consider you because of it. If your target audience is someone that spends the majority of time at their desks, then this item will be ideal for them. Just consider how many times a day you look for what the calendar date is to show just how useful the printed desk calendar can be!

In terms of when you should consider ordering your custom printed desk calendars, it's best to give them out in November or December so they'll be useful from the start of January to your clients.

 Why not combine giving the desk calendars out with other items that will be needed at the start of the year like Ice Scrapers? Another item that pairs well with branded calendars is Promotional LED keyring torches

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What is the choice of promotional desk calendars for 2022? 

There is a huge variety of styles of branded desk calendars. Our most popular is the Smart Calendar - Compact Easle This item can have a range of different generic images on, or bespoke images which are greatly preferred by our clients. Every time the page turns your logo is in full view at the bottom also. The Calendar Pod range is growing in popularity also, with many of our clients coming back to us for repeat orders. This item not only can show 12 bespoke images of your business per month, but it also features branding on the outside and post-it notes, and ribbons as well. This makes it far more useful than the normal corporate desk calendar with greater branding options besides! It's a premium product but well worth considering! We love the 'quote a day' calendars like the PVC Easel Calendar Each page has a quote below it, and is a long time favourite of many of our customers. The everlasting calendar is an ingenious device. The Everlasting Calendar Lider is could be all the desk calendar your clients will ever need. What an ingenious idea!

It's important to ensure you leave enough time for calendars, especially if you are looking at bespoke items. Ensure you ask your supplier for dates you need to order by to achieve the deadlines you require. It's always a good idea to allow a buffer also to this deadline date, just in case!

Most desk calendars can be produced in 1o to 15 working days. Always allow 2 days for delivery and about the same for artwork proofing. It's often a good plan to get visuals before ordering, this can save the 24-48 hour wait for visuals.

Branding areas can vary a lot for these items. Always get visuals first and advice. Some only allow a limited number of print colours and do not cater for full-colour printing, so do make sure of this first before shortlisting.

We're here to help, so feel free to contact us any time to request samples, visuals or with any questions about your interest in corporate desk calendars.

You can reach us on 0345 200 3243.

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