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Our range of custom printed lanyards 

Branded lanyards in the UK are worn around the neck, it's usually for a company logo to be repeated several times around the design and print can also be to both sides. There is a wide variety of colours and styles to choose between, each can have different styles of fastening attached to them, and it's recommended to have a safety break located at the back to the point where they rest on the neck.

Custom printed lanyards are ideal to display company logo's to help staff gain greater identification in any location. From utility companies whose staff need to visit the general public to exhibition stand staff, they are in wide and frequent use around the UK.

Benefits of Lanyards

Identification within a company is also a must, so anyone without a building not displaying a lanyard with an ID card can be quickly detected. New members of staff can be greatly aided also, 'oi you!' can be replaced with your name and visa versa, which makes for a far more conducive working relationship. Lanyards are inexpensive also compared to the many benefits they bring. They are also long-lasting and promote unity within an organisation as well.

What is the variety of lanyards available in the UK? 

The most common style of lanyard is the 20mm thick lanyard. These are 900mm long and can be printed on both sides. They come in a variety of colours also and are made from fabric polyester. The 20mm polyester lanyard is Ideal for exhibitions and events, they can be screen printed in up to 4 spot colours. Lanyards can also be made from eco-friendly materials like the 20mm Bamboo Lanyards these are also fully biodegradable which is increasingly important to companies that promote reducing global waste. Dye Sub lanyards and very popular. They can be produced very quickly and also have the advantage that they can show any logo design, including designs that are full colour. 20mm Dye Sub Lanyards are also the perfect solution if you have short lead times of around 5 working days or a full-colour design.

Issues to be wary of

When buying dye sub lanyards you should bear in mind that colour reproduction will not match Pantone colours as the print method is CMYK. For an exact Pantone match, Polyester Lanyards are recommended instead. Some complex logo's need to be larger than 20mm in width to prevent fill in. Always ask for visuals before placing an order as this will help you decide what to include in the print area and whether your logo can fit in this narrow branding area. 

Which industries best suit printed Lanyards? 

Lanyards have wide appeal and application across many industries. Construction workers and large offices benefit from them as do education centres and government bodies. Its universal appeal makes the printed lanyard a very necessary addition to any merchandising campaign.

Need to discuss your options for custom printed Lanyards for your business or brand, let Cheeky Fox help, our experienced merch team are available on 0345 200 3243

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