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Branded and Printed Promotional Umbrellas

Branded umbrellas are given out at events, meetings, golf days and to staff and used by visitors. The most common style is the Golf umbrella which gives the greatest visibility and impact. In relation to other types of promotional gift, the umbrella gives one of the highest ROI's per impression making it a very popular and effective giveaway. 3 reasons why umbrellas help with client retention. 1. Promotional Umbrellas are perceived as having a much higher value in relation to their actual cost. 2. They are kept for a long time, on average they are kept for longer than items that run out of battery or ink for example. The best fibrestorm umbrellas, with their flexible fibreglass frames, can even withstand being blown inside out! 3. Who wouldn't be grateful for having one on hand when needed? With the UK having one of the rainiest climates in Europe and the World the Umbrella will always be a popular and useful gift. 

 There are many different types of umbrella to chose between, the most common is the Golf Umbrella for golf events and greater protection. This is a favourite item for most corporations. There are also walking umbrellas, with crook handles that can also double up as a walking stick. There are also telescopic umbrellas that compress in size to fit into handbags or children's printed drawstring bags. There are also automatic umbrellas, that instantly open out at the press of a button. Corporate merchandise would not be complete without a well designed, quality umbrella visible to all in the high street, on the golf course or in the meeting room. 


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What to consider when branding your umbrella

Most umbrellas have 8 panels. It's best to print evenly on the umbrella, so this means you can print on all 8, 4 or the 2 opposite panels to an umbrella. Some umbrellas have an all-over canopy print. Stock colours can be very close to your brand colour, whilst Pantone matching can be a solution and ensure your brand perfectly matches panel colours, the cost of doing this can be quite high, and often it's better to choose the closest stock colour available. We can help you to find this happy medium. 

New branded umbrella styles to the market

New entrants to the Umbrella marketplace include reversible umbrellas. These break the normal rules of the convention for umbrellas as they open inside out. This means that when travelling in cars or a taxi you can open the umbrella more easily and not risk catching it on car doors keeping you dry more effectively. To stop the spread of germs and covid umbrellas now offer individual personalisation to the handle. This allows your staff and customers to know which umbrella is theirs and means other people don't use it. All over canopy designs are now also very popular, which allows the print to be shown continuously between panels. 

 Need to discuss your options for custom printed umbrellas for your business or brand, let our team help, our experienced branded merchandise team are available on 0345 200 3243.

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