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Our range of custom keyrings?

What is new with our custom keyrings for 2021

One of the most sought-after products in promotional merchandise is of course the ever popular, branded keyrings. Not only have they evolved dramatically in design and style, but they also adapted to our changing needs and expectations. The unmistakable printed trolley coin keyrings are one of the most in-demand when it comes to custom keyrings. From the classic enamel custom keyring through to recycled plastic, trolley coins are perfect, low cost but highly practical promotional giveaways, for any event. Many branded products offer a bespoke option, to create something a little more unique, and custom keyrings are no exception. PVC material works wonders for bespoke promotional keyrings, these are also relatively low cost but deliver a higher perceived value. With changing habits towards sustainability, many people are focusing on eco-friendly options and the current is wide and varied. From wood, bamboo, recycled materials such as plastic and card, branded keyrings have no boundaries in what they can achieve. When considering executive promotional merchandise, custom branded keyrings made from metal are a favourable choice. These will certainly raise your brand's reputation and with a fine laser engraved logo and presented in a gift box, will certainly boost your company profile and strengthen your client relations. The extensive range available for promotional keyrings allows complete versatility when deciding a budget, a style and how they are to be used. One of the most recognisable of all branded products is the ad loop keyrings, a fantastic low-cost giveaway, ideal to purchase in volume and are used by so many industries.

How to pick your printed keyrings

When you are deciding on your promotional giveaways and which printed plastic keyfobs to choose, then there is a product to suit all. From budget-friendly printed ad loop keyrings to trolley coin keyrings and beyond, many are affordable and suitable to giveaway. Due to their small size and weight, they are also the ultimate direct mailing gift, branded merchandise Sussex, custom fabric keyrings are even better as they weigh even less! One of the most popular charity giveaways is the printed trolley coin option, perfect for fundraising events to give away or sell on to your ambassadors. A low-cost merchandise item and ideal for purchasing in volume, advertising your business that will be seen and used daily. Printed fob keyrings are a must for any car groups and dealerships, a branded key fob emblazoned with your iconic imagery is imperative when gifting a valued client and to further promote and elevate your brand. Adding a personal touch such as a photo or creating a full-colour design to a photo keyring could not be easier, there are many options on offer. A plastic custom keyring with a card insert is an ideal product to create an attractive but affordable giveaway, one that will grab attention and advertise your brand.

 How we brand your custom keyrings

There are numerous methods of branding to your custom keyrings on offer when choosing your ideal keyrings, depending on the shape style, material and desired effect. Engraving has always been a favoured choice for metal, offering a fine design that enables not only longevity of the branding, but one that instils confidence as a higher perceived value product. From full colour encapsulated card inserts to screen print and digital print - all of which offer a magnificent finish, which is affordable, attractive and most importantly will ensure your brand and business is promoted clearly and positively. Leather and high-quality PU materials when embossed offer a stunning and premium finish, the most highly regarded branding option for this material and an attractive executive gift. Take a look at our executive keyrings such as the branded leather keyfob.

Need some assistance on picking the right custom keyring for your brand and budget, reach out to our promotional merchandise team, we love to help

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