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Take a look at our custom printed T-shirts


Promotional T-shirts are a low-cost way of promoting your brand at Shows and in the office. Designs are not restricted to just company branding either. You can have full-colour printing across the whole front, back and arms as well. This means you're not as limited as you would be printing on garments like Polo Shirts which are more traditionally branded by embroidery. The unit cost of the branded T-shirt makes them especially effective as a promotional gift, as does the variety of printing locations. They can also come in a very wide variety of colours, making them more eye-catching and helping them combine even better with your brand. 

A cheap promotional T-shirt can make staff feel appreciated also and more a part of the organisation. T-shirts are great for product launches, merchandise shops for Charities, any gift shop or for staff to wear at shows, events or whilst working. T-shirts are mostly worn in the spring and summertime in the UK, and all year round in warmer climates. So at the start of the exhibition season in January they should already be on your shopping list.

Promotional T-shirts pair well with other clothing items like Branded baseball caps or Branded Sunglasses normally worn in the summer, both are a great gift to stop the sun glaring into your client's eyes and are perfect for the farming community.

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There are many different types of promotional T-shirts that can be bought in the UK in 2022.

Our best selling T-shirt is the Fruit of the Loom Original T-Shirt T. It's 100% cotton and unisex design make it very popular amongst all our clients. It comes in a wide variety of sizes and colours. Another very popular model is the Guildan Heavy Cotton T-shirt for Men It has a slightly more premium feel to the Fruit of the Loom T and as the name suggests it is thicker and heavier also. This T also comes in a ladies version The Guildan Heavy Cotton Ladies T-shirt. When organising an event it's best to have a T-shirt that has a ladies and gents version. This makes both the Guildan T's a very sound choice and is another reason for their popularity.

It's easy to get carried away with branding T-shirts. Like any garment, it's important to realise that each new position or colour you add carries an extra cost. We try hard to help our clients see costs clearly by only showing unit prices, but there are costs behind these that can have a bearing on the total cost. One of the great things about a T-shirt is its branding possibilities, so always get quotes first clearly showing costs and always look at the bottom line price before deciding on a supplier.

Also so make sure you get plenty of proofs for approval. These make sure that no mistakes are made, and also that designs look crispy and well balanced. It's always a good idea to get visuals for approval for any promotional items you're ordering. 

Designs for T-shirts can be in full colour and the size of branding areas can be very large. So there are really very few creative limitations to branding T-shirts making them an excellent canvas for any marketing message.


Would you like a quotation on your branded T's, or perhaps a little help before making a decision?, Our dedicated branded merchandise team can be reached on 0345 200 3243.

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